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About our payment methods

  1. Credit card: We accept only Visa or Master Card (Require One Time Password; OTP) via eGHL
  2. Online Bank transfer via eGHL
  3. Manual Money Transfer via QR code: Eligible for the one who has a Thai bank account.

Transfer via bank account to KasikornBank
Account number 063-1-55177-7
Account name MDMC Holdings.,co Ltd
Once the bank transfer is successfully made, please sent the bank slip to our Line@: @antinolthailand


Margin Calculator

Your Annual Estimated Net Profit


Your Monthly Estimated Net Profit

* Based on a % of your clinic customer base and patient mix

Total Patients / Year

* To calculate, slide the dots to the right or enter the numbers in the boxes to suit the number of pets that visit your clinic in a year.
    "caps_30_price": "3154",
    "caps_60_price": "5820",
    "duration": "12",
    "commission": "20",
    "blocks": [{
          "title": "Large Dogs",
          "split": "25",
          "pack": "60",
          "starting_value": "0"
          "title": "Small / Medium Dogs",
          "split": "25",
          "pack": "30",
          "starting_value": "0"
          "title": "Cats",
          "split": "25",
          "pack": "30",
          "starting_value": "0"
          "title": "Exotics",
          "split": "5",
          "pack": "30",
          "starting_value": "0"


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