Vetz Petz Partnership Program

The Problem.

Customers always seek online discounts and convenience and there are resellers with little or no overheads that enable them to provide discounts that take revenue from vets.

Research shows that customers continue to purchase Antinol (and other products) for a longer period with online subscription.

The Solution.

Refuse supply to any online discounters.

Provide online subscription discounts to vet’s customers and a significant margin share to vets which, because of proven long term buying patterns, provides vets greater long term income at no cost.

That is what the Vetz Petz Partnership Program offers.

Margin Calculator

Your Annual Estimated Net Profit


Your Monthly Estimated Net Profit

* Based on a % of your clinic customer base and patient mix

Total Patients / Year

* To calculate, slide the dots to the right or enter the numbers in the boxes to suit the number of pets that visit your clinic in a year.
    "caps_30_price": "3154",
    "caps_60_price": "5820",
    "duration": "12",
    "commission": "20",
    "blocks": [{
          "title": "Large Dogs",
          "split": "25",
          "pack": "60",
          "starting_value": "0"
          "title": "Small / Medium Dogs",
          "split": "25",
          "pack": "30",
          "starting_value": "0"
          "title": "Cats",
          "split": "25",
          "pack": "30",
          "starting_value": "0"
          "title": "Exotics",
          "split": "5",
          "pack": "30",
          "starting_value": "0"


  • How it Works • We calculate your minimum annual margin based on 15% and 10% (total 25%) of all large dogs, small cats and dogs, and 5% of exotics you see per year. • If you have a higher % of pets in your clinic that have joint issues please increase the number of pets for each to adjust your earning potential. • 25% Small to medium sized dog based on 30 cap pack per month by 12 months • 25% Cats based on 30 cap pack per month by 12 months • 25% Large sized dog based on 60 cap pack per month by 12 months • 5% exotics based on 30 cap pack per month by 12 months
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